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Picmonic is an efficient and effective way to study throughout nursing school. Many students use Picmonic's mnemonic flashcards to go beyond other popular tools to maximize their success.

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Nearly 1 million students have used Picmonic’s efficient and effective learning system to boost grades, ace exams and pass the NCLEX® the first time. It’s the only research-proven picture mnemonic visual learning tool.

Mirella M.

This is an amazing tool! I have improved memory retention! In combination with NRSNG, Picmonic has become a MUST with my daily studies and has improved my grades and confidence exponentially. Thank you!

Mirella M.Albany, New York - Excelsior College

Picmonic blows the other guys out of the water. I like that there is a quiz for every Picmonic and how it stays simple. Every topic has a story and an educational view, plus, the characters are more original and out there. I can check out each individual character and read more about it on the side bar if I want to.Sketchy characters were pretty plain and boring. I watched their Vancomycin video, and all I could picture was Picmonic’s van-tank mice representing the A-team! Their videos are WAY too long. The video I watched about loop diuretics was over 12 minutes long. My favorite Picmonics have accelerated me past my peers are acid based and lab values. Keep up the great work at Picmonic!

Stella K.

You guys rock. You make learning fun and (almost) effortless. You have no idea how good it feels to confidently answer exam questions all because I remember a Picmonic character during an exam. I’ve always felt that Picmonic is there to provide basic information before I dive into a topic and to reinforce high-yield information.

Personally, Picmonic works for me because things are kept short and simple. SketchyNursing seems to have a let-me-teach-you-everything-in-one-video approach. I couldn’t watch more than 8 min of the videos because I felt like I was wasting time on small details.

You guys split up the videos into educational and story versions. I think breaking things up like that is much more effective than cramming everything into one video. I also like Picmonic because each topic is broken down into assessment, intervention, etc sections.

You guys are geniuses. Thank you so much for everything you do.

Stella K.Los Angeles, California - Los Angeles City College