Biology by Picmonic Partner: CoursePics

Over 120 Biology topics everyone should know. From the basics to enzymatic biochemistry, this Biology set covers the most high yield testable subjects to boost your science scores.

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Picmonic Partner: CoursePics

CoursePics reframes learning, providing visual cues that will aid in learner recall—think of it like a cheat sheet in your mind’s eye. The visual cues are what we call CoursePics.

These masterfully illustrated CoursePics, crafted by some of the finest artists in the world, create an innovative audiovisual format for optimum learning. When viewed, the pictures recall to memory key facts.

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What do I get with Premium access to CoursePics Biology?

You get unlimited access to over 120 Biology flashcards. Plus access to the mobile apps, fact quizzes, spaced repetition and more.

Has the academic content in this product been verified?

Yes! The Picmonic team has reviewed and endorsed all academic content.

What is a Picmonic Partner?

A Picmonic Partner is a company that we’ve partnered up with to provide you with their helpful content in the Picmonic platform’s powerful learning modalities and features.

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What Students Say


Students use Picmonic from the start of their first year all the way to their residency years. It’s a great investment throughout school.

Gillian Gile

An innovative way to help students remember difficult terms.

Gillian Gile - ASU Professor
Samuli Rauhalammi

Easily approachable, with amazing mnemonics included for almost everything that I had a chance to explore so far!

Samuli Rauhalammi - CAC Professor of Biology
Jeremy W.

Biology CoursePics seriously saved my grade. I am a business major and had no “business” taking a biology course… but… it was required. The puns were funny but most importantly they were memorable and helped me on my exams.

Jeremy W.
Cassidy T.

CoursePic’s biology lessons were super helpful. I loved having access to it on my mobile. It made my biology course a breeze! I would recommend it to anyone taking biology.

Cassidy T.